Hi everybody!! I'm new on forum, got some nice cymbals for trade or sell, both very similar and very thin in excelent shape
For trade (maybe sale)
Bosphorus masters 22 ,1890grams,custom thi
Symrna jazz 22 1850 grams ,similar shape,profile and bell as Masters,
Avedis 15 hh ,(1950-60 era, not expert in avedis logos,letters, holes)top very thin, bottom med/heavy


on soundfile> 00:00- 00:59 Symrna
01:04- ... Bosphorus, then together, then hh and so on...
recorded with 1 overhead condesser mic in omni mode, no effects

interested in ...nice cymbals 21,22,23,24 rides, or 14/15/16 hh, open to suggestions..