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    Bos 14 Versa hats, Bos 17 Antique Crash, 13 K/Z dyno hats

    Bosphorus 14 Versa hats bought from Cymbalsonly around 2005. 1056/1300g. These were my primary hats for years, then my taste in cymbals got darker. Top plays well with others and I wouldn't mind keeping it!
    Pair: $300 shipped in USA.
    Bottom only: $100.

    Bosphorus Antique 17 Crash 1170g. SOLD

    Zildjian 13 K/Z Dyno Beat hats. Get your funk on.
    $140 shipped in USA.

    I'm also selling a Craig Lauritsen 20 Kontro here.

    I'm looking for:

    -15" hats, similar to Agop OM (and singles/orphans under 1300g)
    -22's 2300-2400g, trashy Bosphorus or cleanish Agops
    -Maple solid shell snare

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