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    Information About the Marketplace? Read this FAQ

    Listing is free, although yes we like contributions to go towards software rental and bandwidth charges. The contribute
    button fires up some donate via PayPal code. The button is green (like money in the USA) and is up at the top. Or click here:


    We prefer prices in listings so we don't end up with a guessing game or $1 NO RESERVE auctions. It helps people know whether to be excited by something, or if it is out of their budget. Etiquette is that you don't post "YUR ASKING 2 MUCH" or "YUR SYMBAL SUX" in somebody's ad. If you think there is a mis-identification or silly pricing going on then you might PM the seller and politely mention something.

    We have buying and selling on our site as "all care and no responsibility". Most all transactions go very well here. We are civilized not the wild west.

    If something goes wrong and you can't sort it out between yourselves, please don't start a flame war in public. Let a moderator know and we'll try and help find a satisfactory resolution.

    Cymbals go in the cymbals section, drums go in the drums section. The Everything Else is...something which doesn't quite fit in the first two. The eBay/CL section is for your own things and also used for "interesting" things.

    You put the FOR SALE: or FOR TRADE: or similar tag via a drop down list when you first create an ad. If you need to change that later (or amend the title) then thanks to a quirk of our vBulletin software you have to get a moderator to do it. When I see problems I fix them. If I miss something just ask.

    The mods are the ones who change ads to say "SOLD" or whatever. The should happen "by itself" if you make a new post saying the item is sold. But if you just edit an existing post it doesn't bump the thread to the top and we might miss it. So please make a new post when something sells. We like to leave sold items there so people (including this person) can use them for research purposes, but threads can also be deleted if you want to be super tidy.

    Which brings me to multiple items in one thread. Nothing wrong with multiple items per thread except that it takes more watching to figure out when they are all sold. On the other hand we don't want have to have 47 separate threads for 47 CDs you are offering. Find a nice balance which works for you.

    The other task to be done is when you have sold or traded an item, please take the time to place an entry in the feedback system. What you do is:

    • Click on user name of the person RECEIVING feedback. Hint: in their post in the For Sale thread their name is a link, so just go back to the For Sale thread to find it. That saves searching all over the place for a post they have made.
    • Click on "view profile"
    • Click on the "feedback score" tab
    • Click on "submit feedback for <username>"
    • Leave your feedback.

    At this point a little highlighted number will appear under their name on all their posts (along with that other stuff like Thanks count and Number of Posts. Click on that and you see the feedback. That number increments as you get more feedback.

    Oh, and you know our motto: "pics and sound files or it didn't happen". We like to drool even if we can't afford.

    Thanks to Drummer9981 for reminding me we needed a FAQ, Shuggs for reminding me about leaving feedback, and JazzTurkey for coming up with the series of instructions to leave feedback. I was going to take little screen dumps of what the steps look like, but I thought I'd get this draft in place first.
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    PayPal donate function fails...


    Fails with Firefox 44.0
    Works with IE 8.0.6001.18702 (which I haven't updated in ages)

    Windoze XP SP3

    Please delete this post if it is junking up the place.
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