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    Quote Originally Posted by trashman View Post
    I've got a 2400+ grams 20" from the 1960's that I love.
    It's low pitched, but plenty of highs, too, and all woody in the stick. I drilled it for 3 rivets. Sounds like something that Elvin would've played.
    A 20” at 24 Gs sounds really heavy—any audio you can share?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poetman View Post
    A 20” at 24 Gs sounds really heavy—any audio you can share?
    Believe me, I know! I bought it from a good friend. He put it on a stand for me to play and possibly buy, and I knew immediately that I wanted it. It wasn't until I held it that I realized how heavy it is, and actually weighing it still shocked me It's not at-all bright or clangy, like you'd expect. I'll see about getting a clip together sometime soon. the meantime; somebody needs to step-up, be a man, and buy and play Chad's cymbal.

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    Already done.
    Looks like I’m the only one around this place with the BALLS to play this thing . . .

    in my mother’s basement.

    I’m joking of course. Most,if not all on here, would hand me my head playing-wise but hey, at least I have good taste in cymbals. This thing is a great cymbal- well balanced, not clangy in my opinion- it’ll get the job done. It goes without saying that Chad was great to work with- a class act and gentleman through and through.

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