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    1971 Gretsch Progressive Jazz Drum Set 12/14/20 - Red Sparkle

    Hello - a few of you have asked about this kit from another post. I’m sorry I have not responded sooner, but here it is now with all the details.

    Bass - 14”x20”
    Tom - 8”x12”
    Floor - 14”x14”

    I am the second owner of this Progressive Jazz Gretsch kit. I bought them from a widow in Mississippi. Her husband had bought them new in the early 70s. I believe the kit is from around 1971, and here is why. Gretsch changed from the famous Round Badge to the first Stop Sign Badge in 1971. However, Gretsch used a system of building individual drums in bulk, boxing them and warehousing until needed when they shipped out. There were several kits shipped out with mixed badges especially around times when they changed the badges. There are a couple of catalogs which show multiple badges on drums. 1971 catalog is one of those years with both SSB and RB drums on the cover. On this kit, the bass drum and rack tom have the first SSB while the floor tom has a RB. Meaning the floor tom would have been left over from a previous production run and paired with the newer badged kick and tom. All of the drums have the same wear, and appear to have always been together.

    Here are a few more reasons why this is probably a ’71 kit. The bass drum has the consolette rail mount from the RB era with the long spade which matches the specs in the ’71 catalog. The rack tom has the matching diamond plate. These are original with no extra holes. Soon after changing to the SSB, they changed the mounting bracket on the tom, then moved away from the consolette rail altogether. The bass drum also has the aluminum slide in spurs, but with the upgraded forked foot - this also matches the specs in the ’71 catalog. Both the floor tom and rack tom have top/bottom mufflers, and the bass drum has the Jimmy Pratt muffler as well as a diamond bracket for the cymbal mount. The cymbal mount is missing. The floor tom has the straight legs, but with the knurled top which came later in the 60s rather than the rings of knurling on the legs as they were in the early 60s.

    The wrap is a deep red glass glitter. It has a really rich look, and has developed a wonderful orange peel affect. The inlay on the hoops was missing when I got the kit. I had Drum Supply House replace it with new delmar red glass glitter. It looks the same except it does not have that orange peel affect. The color match is great though and will not be noticed by most if anyone. All of the wrap has aged the same on all three drums. I did not have the hoops repainted or repaired so they show all the wear and nicks of a 40 something year old drum. The only issue with the wrap is that it’s beginning to separate at the seams. Typical for Gretsch and not bad yet. It can be easily reglued, but if you don’t plan to travel with these drums or constantly re-case them, they might never need to be touched.

    The chrome looks great and is shiny. I have not done anything to restore or clean them up although they would really shine with a good clean. There is one spot of damage on the 12” die cast top hoop about 15 cm long by 5 cm tall. Something happened to gouge the metal, but it is only noticeable when pointed out and hard to photograph.

    The bearing edges appear to be original and untouched. The silver sealer looks great inside each drum as well all of the tags are there and in good shape. The drums do not take standard modern heads however. Right now, I have Evans 360 G1’s on the bass drum and Remo Classic Fit Ambassadors on the toms tops with old unbranded coated heads on the bottoms. They all tune up and sound great! They definitely have “that” sound. Easily can be tuned up for bop, but also can be tuned down for some low punch. Very warm and full sounding drums. There are no extra holes anywhere.

    I would love to keep these and definitely would if I did not have another RB Progressive Jazz kit in Champagne Sparkle. No need to two identical kits right now, but I do need the cash instead.

    Asking $2,000 USD. Shipping in the US will probably be around $100 with insurance depending on where you live. International will need to be quoted.

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