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  1. What Sticks are you using these days?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Killian View Post
    I find regal tips inconsistent weight wise. I have 3 pairs of jazz plastic tip. The oldest pair are lightest and sound great and you do hear a difference.
    I just got 4 pairs of the MJC3. They are All consistent in weight. 44 grams. The Old RT weighs 43 grams. Pitch wise the MJC3 is an A and the RT is Ab..its only 1/2 step difference. You might want to check them out. The tip is great. If you play it flat it gives more wash. If you tip it, it really dries out cymbal and is very woody
  2. Skiba Modified

    Just picked up a 20" 1823 K modified by Michael Skiba. Seems like a really good addition, quick crash, a pure blended sound not too dark but not real pingy either. I am looking forward to pairing this cymbal with some hats and some of my darker thin Agop rides. Any experience with cymbals modified by Michael Skiba?
  3. Zilciyan - Prefactory Zildjian - Istanbul Mehmet Agop Secret

    Quote Originally Posted by Mustafa Umut Sarac View Post
    Here I am , Umut from Istanbul.

    As you know cymbalholic forum deleted all posts and reopened couple of years ago. My 2000 posts have been deleted and most importantly my all cymbal analyses.

    But fear me not my boy , tonight I discovered the biggest mystery.

    But let me put that fact , the biggest secret for above Turkish cymbals is beta phase at bronze phase diagram.

    What is beta phase ? If you look to metal phase diagram , it compares to
  4. Introducing myself, and my current collection

    Hello all. I have lurked on this site since the old forums, created an account on the new forums 2 years ago, and finally posted for the first time today.

    I live in Florida, I'm a recovering software developer and an irrecoverable jazz musician.

    The good stuff (updated Nov 8 2017):

    14" K New Stamp hats - 844/936
    14" A 50's Stamp hats - 805/815 (815 on top sounds great)
    15" A Late 40's Trans Stamp hats - 859/873

    Updated 11-08-2017 at 12:16 PM by EricBailey

  5. For Sale - Sabian HHX Evolution Cymbals Mint.Condition.

    Complete set -- $1350. Shipped securely, fully.insured. Flat.Rate.$50

    Package includes -

    20" Ride,
    14" Hi Hats (Top/Bottom)
    17" and 18" Crashes
    17" Effecks Crash
    18" Ozone.Crash
    7", 10" and 12" Splashes

    Also.included 1 padded cymbal bag
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