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  1. For Sale - Sabian HHX Evolution Cymbals Mint.Condition.

    Complete set -- $1350. Shipped securely, fully.insured. Flat.Rate.$50

    Package includes -

    20" Ride,
    14" Hi Hats (Top/Bottom)
    17" and 18" Crashes
    17" Effecks Crash
    18" Ozone.Crash
    7", 10" and 12" Splashes

    Also.included 1 padded cymbal bag
  2. Why You Are Unhappy With Your Gear, According to Science

    Quote Originally Posted by Gongman View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by donbseattle View Post
    They have both been playing the same gear and cymbals for a long time. Relatively inexpensive sh*t. They both play ALOT of gigs and projects with some of the most interesting players and in some of the coolest jazz related projects in town. Not old guys. They are too busy playing music (and also TOO POOR) to worry about getting gear like Tony or Jack or Billy Higgins or Buddy Rich, etc.
    This is the heart of things. I was having this same sort of discussion yesterday with a saxophonist
  3. A Jazz Ride

    [QUOTE=Blueprint;143642]I have an amazing 22 A from the fifties, hammered, dryish, dark sitting in the marketplace. It's looking for some love.[/QUOTE

    And a 20" K, too? Still available?
  4. What the heck are these cymbals?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mers View Post
    Jorge makes them sound even better. He played old A's with Mehldau a lot, sounded great, but it's mainly his touch. The guy is seriously good.
    I agree with Mers. I saw Jorge live once in Vancouver BC in a quintet with Seamus Blake. Jorge played like Tony that night. Had a too heavy chain on one of his cymbals.....................and he made it sound GREAT. Badd dude!
  5. My latest purchases

    Quote Originally Posted by Jptrickster View Post
    Rock and Roll Now your talking! You can always flip if it's not
    up to the task.
    I'll bet you get it sounding just fine.

    I have absolutely no regrets about the steel premier I bought last month. Tuned from low to medium with a two ply batter and a wallet. Great rock or memphis R&B sound. Only question is how often, not whether, it will beat out the aluminum
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