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  1. My "new" Slingerland Kit

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Killian View Post
    I like the look with the logo present like this!
  2. Just snagged a paiste trad thin 20" crash

    Quote Originally Posted by TPC View Post
    ^ Not me. There's a clarity and transparency to the Trad Crash that blends so nicely with the Mellow. In the music, I can imagine this trait paying great sonic dividends.
    Of course I'll try both next gig.
    Btw, I also snagged a 20" paiste signature mellow ride. ..coming Friday/Sat
  3. Wankery

    Quote Originally Posted by astrosoniq View Post
    HD video of our Roadburn 2016 gig, without the use of feet and playing heavy rock on a 1948 Gretsch kit with Spizzichino cymbals (14 hats and 18), 22 Z Rennie and a 20 Johan, enjoy!

    Nice Marcel , always enjoy your posts.
    Happy to see you doing what you love
  4. Go GaGa

    Quote Originally Posted by jda View Post
    I think you're funny

    she shoulda put a roman candle up her butt (oops sorry bad edit bad edit) Altho, coming in on the high wire, was that a tribute to barnum Bailey?(recently closed down

    I did see a keyboard that was in a circle 10 pts. for that

    Well. Let me say, I watched the whole thing. Didn't once concern myself with the drum sounds. That's pretty entertaining.

    And it helps Tony Bennett sits next to her. Love the ...
  5. What Ride Do You Suppose Louie Bellson Is Playing Here?

    Quote Originally Posted by egw View Post
    That sounds like a heavy 16 to me. No joke. 18 at the biggest.
    I was thinking heavy 18.

    Later he played a 21" A Rock Ride
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