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  1. Gretsch lust

    Quote Originally Posted by jda View Post

    greatest top ..umm 4.. drum solos* ever
    right up there with Stravinsky and Polandaski.

    * journey
    all-wood /6.5 snare /12/13/tom/14/16/floor/18/bass
    That's the good stuff.
  2. Zildjian Avedis '50 (small stamp) ride sizzle 22 - 2469g (AUDIO)
    Price: 250
    Zildjian Avedis no dot 50s sizzle 22 ". Cymbal in perfect condition (no crack, no clew). There are 6 rivet holes. Only one removable brass rivet fitted.
    It's a fairly rare cymbal. In fact, it has a very pronounced bell shape that is rather unusual for the Avedis. This characteristic gives the harmonics an interesting color that lends itself well to jazz contexts, but ...
  3. Old Avedis

    Hi everybody!
    Someone can please tell me the exact age of this cymbal?
    Click image for larger version. 

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  4. Jimmy Cobb's K

    Quote Originally Posted by OZjazzer View Post
    I've heard many times that Cobb's cymbals were stolen.

    It remind me I must get the Live at the Blackhawk CD's out again.

    Must say that none of Jimmy's later recordings have ever had a cymbal sound anywhere near as good as those Davis, Wes Montgomery, or Wynyon Kelly etc recordings. I'm biased though.
    You are right. I can't think Jimmy would be happy with those newer cymbals. My brother is friends with Jimmy and he had an 18" of Jimmy's an Istanbul that he ...
  5. What Sticks are you using these days?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Killian View Post
    I find regal tips inconsistent weight wise. I have 3 pairs of jazz plastic tip. The oldest pair are lightest and sound great and you do hear a difference.
    I just got 4 pairs of the MJC3. They are All consistent in weight. 44 grams. The Old RT weighs 43 grams. Pitch wise the MJC3 is an A and the RT is Ab..its only 1/2 step difference. You might want to check them out. The tip is great. If you play it flat it gives more wash. If you tip it, it really dries out cymbal and is very woody
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