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  1. A Jazz Ride

    [QUOTE=Blueprint;143642]I have an amazing 22 A from the fifties, hammered, dryish, dark sitting in the marketplace. It's looking for some love.[/QUOTE

    And a 20" K, too? Still available?
  2. Go GaGa

    Quote Originally Posted by jda View Post
    I think you're funny

    she shoulda put a roman candle up her butt (oops sorry bad edit bad edit) Altho, coming in on the high wire, was that a tribute to barnum Bailey?(recently closed down

    I did see a keyboard that was in a circle 10 pts. for that

    Well. Let me say, I watched the whole thing. Didn't once concern myself with the drum sounds. That's pretty entertaining.

    And it helps Tony Bennett sits next to her. Love the ...